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DJ Dugem di Diskotik seksi Clubbing dengan sexy lingerie.

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Diskotik Discotheque with Lightning The Best List At Indonesia
A discothèque, IPA: [diskoˈtɛk̚], compare the Spanish “discoteca”, is an entertainment venue or club with recorded music played by “Discaires” (Disc jockeys) through a PA system, rather than an on-stage band. The word derives from the French word discothèque (a type of nightclub). Discothèque is a portmanteau coined around 1941 from disc and bibliothèque (library) by La Discothèque, then located on the Rue de la Huchette in Paris, France.[1] Previously, most bars and nightclubs used live bands as entertainment

Today the term discothèque is now considered dated in the United States[8], having largely been replaced with nightclub since the mid-1980s, though the term is still used frequently in many other parts of the world. The word “disco” was originally an abbreviation of discothèque, a French word for a club where recorded, rather than live, music was played.

In Britain, a ‘disco’ is usually now a one-off night of dancing and music organised by a non-professional (or semi-professional) DJ at an institution such as a school or workplace.

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