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Affiliate Marketing At Home

A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to start Internet marketing to make money online. I figured that there had to be a way to earn or make money online so I began my long journey and discovered that not only was there a way I could actually do it.
The first year was quite difficult because I went in blind and groped around in the dark searching for any little bit of light that I could find. Unfortunately I kept running into hazards called e-books that only gave enough information to demand that I buy the follow-up so that I could see clearly. The problem was that I knew that there was a way to make money using the Internet so I was not going to give up.
After that first year of trial and error I actually made a few dollars online if you don’t tack on and add up all the e-books that I bought. But I sold enough to just keep my appetite alive and well. Finally, and I cannot remember how, I ended up on a sales page for a membership site for affiliate marketing. My first thought was “Great, just some more want to be marketer selling some over used crap to make a buck.” Boy was I wrong and I am so glad that I did not click away but continued to read the materials which were very well laid out.
Well to make a long story short, I ended up joining for what I thought would be one month of quick learning and on to the next whiz kid. Low and behold I am still a member and have learned more form this site than every one of the e-books that I had purchased over the year before. I have actually been a member of this site since February 2008 and would not let my membership lapse for nothing. I am succeeding along with hundreds of others and all I did to start Internet marketing to make money online was to join, learn and apply what I learned.

For more information on what I did just head on over to my site at Affiliate Marketing At Home and you to can start Internet marketing to make money online.

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